Deep Thoughts

So now that I am focusing on my artwork, more than I had in previous years, I am wondering what people want to see in an online blog. What could I do to inspire others looking into my artwork. At a loss for words I must admit I am unsure. 

I am a quiet, reserved person by nature, sharing my thoughts online does not come naturally. I imagine someone might want to know that one of the reasons I make art is for that moment I know that I have made something that brings either happiness or merriment to someone, even if only for a moment. The idea that when they look upon it their hearts feel a bit lighter. We all need little small reminders of the goodness and joy life can bring. 

I think that is why I chose an art medium that does not lend itself to being copied or mass produced. That authentic connection with the artwork that was and will remain personal. Like it was made just for you and knowing you have the only one in the world.